Suriname Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Report
First National Communication
First National CommunicationDownload document

Published: 2005

Second National Communication
Second National CommunicationDownload document

Published: March 2016
To the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

State of the Climate Report
State of the Environment ReportDownload document

Published: 04/12/2020

National Adaptation Plan
National Adaptation PlanDownload document

Published: 2019

First Nationally Determined Contribution
First Nationally Determined ContributionDownload document

Published: 2015

Second Nationally Determined Contribution
Second Nationally Determined ContributionDownload document

Submitted December 2019 in fulfilment of obligations under the Paris Agreement on climate change

National Climate Change Policy, Strategy and Action Plan
National Climate Change Policy, Strategy and Action PlanDownload document

Published: January 2015